depositar lab

The depositar lab researches and develops systems and tools for novel research data infrastructures and services. We operate the depositar, an open research data repository, and curate the Research Data Management Hub (RDM Hub) for researchers of all disciplines in Taiwan and worldwide. We also work with our partners on large-scale digital preservation and data collaboration projects. We use and make open source software. The services we provide are free to all to use.

Our works are supported by Taiwan’s Academia Sinica (the Institute of Information Science and the Research Center for Information Technology Innovation), the National Science and Technology Council (the Department of Natural Sciences and Sustainable Development), and grants from other sources.

We are based at a hillside in Nangang, Taipei. Our partners, past and present, include the Center for GIS of Academia Sinica, National Museum of Taiwan History, Taiwan’s Endemic Species Research Institute, Taiwan Biodiversity Information Facility, Taiwan Long-term Social-Ecological Research Network, Word Gleaners Ltd., Nature Watch Ecological and Environmental Consultancy Ltd., among others.

The members of the depositar lab are Tyng-Ruey Chuang, Ming-Syuan Ho, Cheng-Jen Lee, and Ally Chia-Hsun Wang (in last name alphabetical order).