At the invitation of the Office of Academic Integrity Promotion at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Ho Ming-Syuan will be delivering a lecture titled “From data repository to research data management practice” on September 19, 2023. The event will be conducted online, and anyone can register.,r164.php?Lang=zh-tw

Lecture Description

“As operators of research data repositories, what aspects should we consider to effectively assist researchers?” This is a question often pondered by depositar team members during the development and research process.

To ensure the reproducibility of academic research and enhance the efficiency of scientific research, an increasing number of research funding agencies and journals now require researchers to establish how their research data will be made accessible at specific times, such as by depositing it in publicly accessible research data repositories. Additionally, many research teams are required to submit a “Data Management Plan” at the beginning of their research projects, detailing the methods for collecting, recording, managing, and preserving research data during the project’s implementation, as well as ongoing data management as described in the plan.

This lecture will start from the perspective of research data repository operators and explain how research data repositories can assist researchers in data management. It will cover fundamental concepts of research data management, the formulation of data management plans, and developments in international policies related to open science.